Head of Applied Science, Senior Product Manager



Hi! I’m an engineer focused on studying brain $\leftrightarrow$ emotion dynamics. Specifically, I use “small data” and control theoretic approaches in a systems-level perspective combining both science and product.

Right now, I’m a Senior Product Manager and Head of Applied Research at Hume AI - a startup aspiring to build ethical, effective AI/ML tools for nonverbal, emotionally anchored communication.

In a previous life, I studied deep brain stimulation (DBS) for severe psychiatric depression - through both empirical data and dynamical models. Move broadly, my interests sit at the intersection of medicine + AI/ML + critical perspectives on Neuro/Med/Deep Tech.


  • Neuroengineering
  • Emotion and Mood
  • Dynamical Inference and Control
  • Critical Tech


  • MD

    Emory School of Medicine

  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering

    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Georgia Institute of Technology

  • MSE in Bioengineering

    University of Pennsylvania

  • BS in Biomedical Engineering

    Texas A&M University


This is a broad view of my projects, side and main alike. For a focused view of my professional work see my scholar page


Antidepressant Deep Brain Stimulation

Studying DBS related oscillations across space and time

Controls Neuroengineering

Using modern control theory to improve neuromodulation

Clinical Medicine

Putting the ’engineering’ in Biomedical Engineering


Fun at the intersection of hardware and software

The Geometry of Emotion

Using math to study our subjective experience of emotion

Public Science

First do, then share

Science and Health Advocacy

Both science and patient care exist as a part of a broader ecosystem

Tripartite Synapse

There’s more than just neurons

Flexible Neural Arrays

Capturing more of the brain’s dynamics

Real-time Decoding of RNA

Algorithms for decoding RNA in real-time FRET sequencing

Hyperspectral Imaging

Using more of light to see more of biology


  • Atlanta, GA 30322
  • DM Me