Robotics was always something I was interested in, but I really came to a hands-on understanding during my MS in ECE @ GeorgiaTech. I was lucky to get experience in open-source robotics platforms to build low-level robots that achieve goals, but also to train on surgical robotics platforms to see where the future of surgery is headed.

Here are several robotics-related projects I’ve accrued over the years.

Turtlebot 3/ROS

The fundamentals of robotics are becoming more and more accessible. Working hands-on with the Turtlebot3 platform, powered by the Robot Operating System (ROS) I got a peek at the exciting potential of amateur robotics.

  • Turtlebot3 Tasks - A set of various tasks like a ball or maze navigation with image recognition+classification
  • Multi-gaussian pursuit - A navigation strategy I developed using the TB3’s onboard SLAM that used a landscape-based approach to get from start to finish by avoiding obstacles.
  • Some videos to get a feel for working with the Turtlebot3 on-the-ground link

Landscape Controller

For one of the Turtlebot3 navigation assignments I took a slightly different approach than classmates: gaussian landscape navigation. Ended up being a fun approach that surprisingly worked!

  • Landscape Controller - Simple gaussian-based obstacle navigation Repo

Surgical Robotics

I was extremely lucky to have a very hands-on surgical clerkship as a part of my third-year medical school training. Thanks to my thousands of hours of video game experience, I fell neatly into the chair of the Da Vinci simulator and got the opportunity that few do! During my neurosurgery time I saw the ROSA system be used for precise placement of stereo EEG electrodes towards identification of epilepsy foci and targeted therapy.

  • Some demo videos here
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