Public Science

The Physician’s Garage

A casual weekly discussion with other physician-engineers talking about various topics at the intersection of medicine and engineering.


Public PhD Presentations

Communicating research to the broader public is the best way to ensure your work makes an impact and is sustainable. I’ve been involved in a variety of public presentations describing my research, here’s a non-comprehensive list of videos.

The Battalion Writer

I wrote a regular column for Texas A&M’s school paper, The Battalion, on a variety of topics in science, politics, and society.


Creative Writing

The aim of science is to make difficult things understandable in a simpler way; the aim of poetry is to state simple things in an incomprehensible way. - Paul Dirac

Science writing is nice, but creative writing is a beautiful puzzle. No matter how advanced language models may get, there’s nothing like writing arising from human stories. As a creative outlet, creative writing has always been a drive that I can’t quite shake.

  • Styloid Process: Various pieces for this Emory School of Medicine Creative Journal. Available here
  • Short Fiction: Works in progress
Head of Applied Science, Senior Product Manager

Neuroengineer, Control Theorist.